Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

An alcohol and drug analysis is a 45-60 minute appointment that determines if you require alcohol or drug treatment, and if you do, how considerably you want. We only suggest therapy to those who need it - about twenty five% of our clients do not obtain a treatment method advice.

​We give courtroom and probation purchased alcoholic beverages and drug evaluations at all of our places of work. Anger Administration and psychological health evaluations are also obtainable.

We consider personalized background, function historical past, mindset, psychological balance, felony background and alcoholic beverages/drug use by means of personal interview and evaluation instruments. Drug Evaluation will examine the results of the analysis with you, and primarily based on the findings, recommend a training course of motion.

Liquor and drug evaluations are obtainable by appointment Monday-Saturday. Call your regional place of work to set up an appointment.

What to anticipate
When you come into the Diversion Heart for an analysis, you can expect:
To be evaluated in a non-judgmental fashion by an evaluator specifically qualified in compound use
To have a meaningful discussion with an evaluator about your earlier and recent use of liquor and drugs
That our evaluator will only give treatment to people who need to have it. It is our express belief that offering remedy to people who do not need it does not put them in a much better position to stay away from potential use
That telling the truth will established you free of charge, not lock you up
To be dealt with as a human being, not an ATM.
That the analysis will just take about 45-60 minutes for NON-DUI offenses, or about ninety minutes for DUI expenses
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